High-Quality Custom Suits
If you’ve never bought a high-quality custom suit, then you’ve likely never worn a suit that fits properly. Contrary to popular belief, men’s formalwear doesn’t have to be uncomfortable; you just need to find a suit that fits your unique contours. If you’re interested in a high-quality custom suit, turn to the skilled professionals at Fine Men’s Clothing in Albuquerque, NM.. We’ve been outfitting some of the best-dressed men in New Mexico for over 30 years.
Bespoke Suit Process
There’s no reason to feel daunted by the process of creating a bespoke suit. Understanding what to expect beforehand can help the bespoke process go more smoothly and ensure that you walk away with a fine-looking suit.
  • Material Selection: Your tailor will show you the various suit material options and help you understand the properties of each. Common suit materials include cotton, wool, linen, and flannel. This is also a good time to determine which suit style most agrees with you.
  • Fitting: You’ve likely seen depictions of tailor fittings in the movies. Well, the real process isn’t much different. A tailor will take detailed measurements of your body and jot them down to ensure a precise fit.
  • Construction: Once you’ve selected the suit materials and style, your tailor will use your measurements to get started on your bespoke suit. Generally speaking, the average suit takes a couple weeks to complete.
Custom Suit Considerations
If you visit Albuquerque’s finest Tailor, you’ll be in very good hands. One of our tailors can help you with the following custom suit considerations.
  • Suit Style: Two-button, three-button, single breasted, double breasted, one vent, two vents; there are quite a large number of suit styles to consider. A good tailor can help you narrow down the possibilities based on your personal preferences.
  • Custom Shirt: Having your dress shirts custom made can help you create an attractive bespoke ensemble. Everyone can benefit from custom shirts, but they provide special benefit to big and tall men who have trouble finding shirts in stores.
  • Personal Details: There’s no limit to what you can do with a bespoke suit. Your tailor can add buttons to your sleeve, adjust the sleeve length, and include whatever personal details you want.

If you’re interested in a high-quality custom suit, call Fred at Fine Men’s Clothing and Alterations at (505) 410-4091. New Mexican businessmen have been relying on our services since 1985, and we’re happy to lend our expertise to your wardrobe.

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